Friday, May 30, 2014

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

Out of the time we spend in prayer, I find it to be made up of 20% talking to God 20% getting answers and 60 % waiting. The reason we wait more than anything else, in my opinion, is because I think God honors patience. God hears our every prayer, even the ones we don't say aloud. He doesn't always answer them when it's convenient for us because honestly if we knew that information right away there would be no lesson, no learning experience. God will never bring you to a battle you can't win, and I think part of the waiting is Him equipping you with the tools you need to succeed. God could take care of every problem with the blink of an eye, but God is not meant to clean up our mess every time we fail. I think God wants us to get so much more out of life. God is the ultimate teacher, prophet and king. I believe He helps us understand the situation and involves us in the process, so the next time it happens we are prepared. He equips us with many gifts and prepares us for many battles. If He made all of our problems disappear, we would never learn how to conquer them. During that period of waiting it is easy to believe that God has forgotten about us and that He has pushed us to the side. This is far from true, but it causes us to look back and question ourselves. It's so easy to look back and get caught up in doubt. That doubt makes us question our progress in the present moment. Even if nothing is being answered right this second, it means a greater option is coming in the future. Patience in waiting is a beautiful thing and God will reward it. After all, wouldn't you rather hear "wait" than "no" ? You have to remember that each day of waiting is another day God is suiting you up with armor. One day that armor will come in handy.

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  1. I think humans have a difficult time waiting, but you explained the reward of waiting beautifully. Keep writing.